Murder / suicide rocks Darliston, Westmoreland

by February 8th, 2020

The country has been rocked by yet another case of murder/ suicide, this time in Westmoreland.


Police say a man bludgeoned his wife to death, and then ingested a toxic substance.


Dead are 29-year-old Salema and 45-year-old Phillip Reid, of Ashton district, in Darliston.


The couple leaves behind two children.


Police reports are that Mrs. Reid contacted her husband yesterday, and told him, that she was moving out of the matrimonial home.


This resulted in a dispute which saw the husband hitting his wife in the head.


He later drank a poisonous substance, and succumbed this morning.


Head of the Westmoreland police, Superintendent Robert Gordon is urging Jamaicans dealing with domestic disagreements, to seek a third party to assist in resolving the conflict.