“My daughter safe in China” says Selector Boom-Boom

by February 14th, 2020

As the Coronavirus continues to spike in China, Dancehall selector Boom-Boom has revealed that his daughter who is studying in the country is safe.

Boom Boom posted on Instagram on Thursday that he was worried and asked for prayers for his daughter’s safety after he was unable to make contact with her for two days. Selector Boom Boom who later deleted the post, tells Music News that his 21-year-old daughter and her friends are safe in China.


The worldwide Coronavirus scare has forced many to take the necessary precautions. Entertainers Richie Stephens and RDX are among some of the industry players who have opted not to travel to China amid the deadly Coronavirus outbreak.

At present, the Coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise in China. The United States, Canada, the Uk, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, and Australia are among the countries to have reported Coronavirus cases.