National Honors for Sean Paul, Rita Marley and more…

by August 9th, 2019

International dancehall deejay Sean Paul, will be among 143 persons that will be conferred with national honors come this Heroes day.

To be conferred with the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander class, Sean Paul given name Sean Henriques, will receive the honor for his contribution to the global popularity and promotion of reggae music.

Rita Marley will receive the fifth highest honor the Order of Jamaica, for her contribution to the popularization of Jamaican music, and by extension brand Jamaica on the world stage, as well as for her humanitarian work through the Rita Marley foundation. Other recipients who will receive this honor, the Order of Jamaica, include Julius Garvey, son of Jamaica’s first National Hero Marcus Garvey, and politicians Mike Henry, and Robert Pickersgill.

Deceased Inner Circle singer Jacob Miller leads the remaining list of entertainment industry players who will receive National Honors. Jacob Miller will receive the Order of Distinction in the rank of officer posthumously, with his remaining band members Ian and Roger Lewis also receiving this honor. Actor Glen ‘Titus’ Campbell, and former producer turned politician Patrick Roberts founder of Shocking Vibes will also be recipients of the Order of Distinction officer class.

Herbert ‘Herbie’ Miller and Augustus ‘Gussie’ Clarke will receive the Order of Distinction commander class for their extensive contributions in the field of music.

The awards will be presented on Heroes’ Day, October 15.