New laws to see greater protection of Jamaican ship workers

by November 19th, 2020

Jamaican cruise ship workers are to benefit from changes being made to the Shipping Act.


Transport Minister Robert Montague says the reforms are expected to impact workers’ welfare and productivity, within the maritime industry- nationally-and-internationally, significantly.


The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved the amendments, which make more complete provisions for the living and working conditions, as well as the rights of seafarers in line with the maritime labour convention.


Mr. Montague says the new act, gives a wider definition of a seafarer, covering any person engaged by, or on behalf of the owner of a ship, and includes persons employed in the hospitality division of passenger ships.



According to Mr. Montague, the amendment could have benefited thousands of hospitality workers, who were transported to the country, earlier in the covid crisis.


The transport minister explains that among other things, the bill introduces a provision addressing a ship owner’s liability, for medical care and burial expenses.



Meanwhile, the law will provide protection for the property of an injured or deceased seafarer, which was left on-board a ship. There is also provision for abandoned ship workers.


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