NHT begins acquiring property in Downtown Kingston for Heroes Park development project

by October 26th, 2018

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the National Housing Trust, N-H-T, has started to acquire properties from willing sellers for the proposed redevelopment of Down Town Kingston and the construction of a new parliament building.


Speaking at a town hall meeting on the lawns of the National Heroes Park last evening (October 25), the Prime Minister explained that the objective is to create a mass of government owned land to kick start the development.



Mr. Holness noted, that for property owners who are not yet willing to sell, a process will be put in place to engage them.




And the Prime Minister says the development of the government oval, as part of the proposed redevelopment of Heroes Circle and the wider Down Town Kingston, could save the government billions of dollars in rent.


Andrew Holness said the government is spending at least $2.4 billion dollars annually on rentals for various ministries.



The Prime Minister noted that the proposed construction of 14 ministry buildings as part of the planned developments would give more order to the government.