Nigel Diguid lone West Indian among the 16 umpires to officiate IN ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup 2020

by January 8th, 2020

Nigel Diguid  of  Guyana  is  the  lone  West  Indian  among  the  16  umpires  announced  today  by  the ICC  to  officiate  at   the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup 2020, which will be staged in south Africa from January 17  to  February 9.

The Guyanese was named as one of the seventeen on-field umpires for the 2018 under-19 cricket world cup in New Zealand.

He  will  be  a  part  of  the  historic  game  on  January  20  in  Kimberley  when  Nigeria  become the 31st different team to take part in the event when they face Australia, the second-most successful side since the competition first began in 1988 as the Youth Cricket World Cup.