No Sports Before National Risk Assessment – MOHW

by January 26th, 2021

More dialogue is needed between the relevant ministries regarding the resumption of sporting activities in Jamaica in light of the Covid 19 pandemic

Thats according to health minister Dr Christopher Tufton who was speaking at a virtual press conference on Monday (January 25).

Tufton pointed out that a risk assessment will have to done before a permit can be granted for the resumption of sports amid the covid-19 pandemic.


Meanwhile among the decisions that were taken between the Ministers of both sports and health earlier this month are:

All requests for training and sport competitions or events must be submitted to the ministry sport for review and clubs, affiliates and event organizers must submit their requests through their national governing body;

The health ministry is to provide technical support and guidance to and grant approval of the proposals recommended and submitted through and by the ministry sport.

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