NRSC resumes motorcycle training programme to reduce bike-related crashes and fatalities

by July 20th, 2021

The National Road Safety Council has restarted its Motorcycle Training Programme, with the hope of reducing motorcycle-related crashes and fatalities across the country.


Executive Director of the Council, Paula Fletcher says some 33 bikers are being trained in the 8th cohort of the programme, which was stalled for 3 months, due to COVID-19 restrictions.


So far, over 300 bikers have been trained and approximately 600 helmets have been handed out.


Miss Fletcher says motorcyclists are being targeted because they are the largest single group of motorists that account for road fatalities.


She notes that the training focuses on essential skills for the bikers.


Miss fletcher notes that attendees who pass the yard-test component of the programme, their names will be sent to the Island Traffic Authority, and they will be exempt from doing a test when they apply for their licenses.


She says there is also a literacy component under the programme.


Miss Fletcher notes that while the aim is to expand the programme island-wide so there can be a greater impact on the crash fatality rate, there are resource constraints.