Nutritionist warns against over indulging this holiday season

by December 25th, 2020

Jamaicans, especially those with underlying conditions, are being urged to watch what they consume over the festive season, as over indulgence will put them at increased risk for the coronavirus.


Christmas traditionally means persons gathered with family and friends to enjoy meals that may be loaded with salt, fat and sugars.


The health ministry has repeatedly cautioned that persons with non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) such as obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and hypertension, are more susceptible to Covid 19.


As such, nutritionist Dr. Sharon Dawson is reminding citizens, that moderation and sticking to a diet, are key to staying healthy this holiday season.



Dr. Dawson pointed out that some traditional sweet treats, such as sorrel and fruit cakes, can be prepared in ways that are just as appetizing, without the risks.



She warned that alcohol converts to sugar, so it’s best to stick to drinking water.