NWA to repair and clean several drains

by February 6th, 2019

The National Works Agency, NWA, says several drains and gullies in four parishes are soon to get much needed attention, as part of a critical drain cleaning effort.

The programme, which is scheduled to commence next week, will seek to mitigate flooding in selected areas, as well as to reduce the risk of mosquito breeding.

Under the project, selected drains in St. James, St. Catherine, St. Mary and Clarendon will be targeted for repairs and cleaning.

This phase of the project, valued at 76 million dollars, will target eleven drains and will be funded from a larger 1.2 billion dollar supplementary budget.

The programme is expected to be completed by the end of March.

Manager of Communication and Customer Services at the National Works Agency, Stephen Shaw, says the targeted drains are critical ones that are heavily silted, or blocked by branches, leaves or other waste.

This, he says, is a hazard to property and public health, especially in light of the risk of mosquito borne diseases. 

Drains that will be cleaned as part of this programme include, the Church Road drain, Mcvickers Gully and Salt Gully in St. Catherine; Capital Heights Gully and Rose Heights Gully in St. James; Cane Lane drain in St. Mary; and Bryan drain in Clarendon.