NWA to trim trees along thoroughfare from Ocho Rios to St. Ann’s Bay

by May 13th, 2019

The National Works Agency, NWA says it expects to trim tree branches along a section of the main road from Ocho Rios to St. Ann’s Bay before the end of the week.

This follows an accident on Saturday which claimed the life of 85-year-old, Gloria Basco, of Tangle Wood in St. Ann.

Police had reported that Ms. Basco was a passenger in a Mitsubishi motor car, being driven by another female when on reaching the vicinity of the Mystic Mountain attraction, near Ocho Rios, a large branch fell from a cotton tree unto the vehicle, trapping both women.

They had to be cut from the vehicle, by a team from the fire brigade.

Ms. Basco died while the other female was admitted at hospital, in stable condition.

Since the incident Mayor of St. Ann’s Bay, Michael Belnavis called on the NWA, to trim trees along major roadways in St. Ann.

He explains that the Municipal Corporation has been carrying out trimming of smaller trees in the parish, however the corporation lacks the resources to undertake a major tree trimming project.

Communication Manager at the NWA Steven Shaw says some works of the agency have been impacted by limited resources.

Mr. Shaw says discussions have been held about dealing with trees in the vicinity of the accident site.