Operations disrupted at mining site near Gibraltar, St. Ann as residents protest dust nuisance

by July 19th, 2021


Residents of Gibraltar, St. Ann, have taken to the streets this morning (July 19), protesting issues arising from mining being conducted by the Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Company in the area.


The demonstrations have disrupted operations at the mining site.


Some residents complained that the dust stemming from the mining works have created serious health issues for many, including children.


One woman told IRIE FM news that some children are experiencing asthma attacks and nose bleeds, which they believe is linked to the dust.



The resident said, despite being offered compensation by the bauxite company, based on the spike in living costs, more must be done to protect the health of those living in the area.


Meantime, Member of Parliament for South West St. Ann, Zavia Mayne told IRIE FM news that he is open to having dialogue with the residents and the bauxite company to see how best the two parties can continue to function.


While noting that residents deserve to live in a safe environment, Mr. Mayne also stressed the importance of sustainable activities being conducted, such as those relating to mining.

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