Opposition calls for a delay in introduction of increased toll rates at east-west leg of highway 2000

by June 18th, 2021

Opposition Spokesman on Transport, Mikael Phillips, says he will be writing to the Transport Minister Robert Montague, regarding the impending toll increase for motorists using the east-west leg of Highway 2000.


Toll rates are proposed to increase as high as 110 dollars, effective the first weekend in July.


Mr. Phillips suggests that there be a short delay in the introduction of the new prices.



Meantime, he says the Transport Minister, should better explain the entry of Uber’s transport services in Jamaica and end the widespread confusion among transport operators and the commuting public.


Earlier this week, United States ride-sharing company Uber launched its services in Jamaica.


Scores of Jamaicans have started using the service.


In a statement today, Mr. Phillips noted that public transport services are highly regulated in Jamaica through the Road Traffic Act and the Transport Authority Act.


He highlighted that any corporate body or individual providing such services must obtain the relevant licenses from the Transport Authority before commencing operations.


He says the Minister must state if these regulations are applicable to Uber.