Opposition calls for quarantine facility in Western area

by February 10th, 2020

The parliamentary opposition wants the government to activate a quarantine area in western Jamaica urgently, as it is a major gateway for travellers.


The shadow minister of health Dr. Morais Guy contends that Jamaica’s western belt must be adequately resourced to provide guaranteed protection against the deadly corona virus.


He notes that the greatest number of arrivals to Jamaica enter through the western gateways including the Sangster International Airport, and the major cruise shipping ports.


According to Dr. Guy, with St. Joseph’s hospital being morphed into the latest quarantine area, the distance between the island’s western gateways and the facility in Kingston, will pose some challenges.



He says it would be more cost effective to relocate the present laboratories and reopen the specialized facility which was set up at Cornwall Regional Hospital for Ebola, as it was built with infection containment specifications.


The shadow minister of health says the opposition is still not satisfied with the country’s level of preparedness, and the health minister should level with the nation.