Opposition calls for shut down of country

by April 17th, 2020

One opposition member says shutting down the country is the best way to prevent corona virus infection.


Former Chief Medical Officer and caretaker for east central St. Catherine Dr. Winston De La Haye says Jamaica needs to move from chasing the virus to preventing infection.


St. Catherine is under lock down to last for a week, after a spike in coronavirus cases in the parish.


Dr. De La Haye wants to see the locking down of the country, but says this must be done in an appropriate way.


He believes the country is at the point where the health of the nation must come first.


The former CMO, who is a psychiatrist, is also concerned about how the lock down of St. Catherine was announced Tuesday night.


According to him, the manner in which it was done added to the anguish being faced by many.


He reiterates that the mental health of Jamaicans must be taken into account.


Dr. De La Haye is also calling for the Jamaica defence force to be utilized in implementing the lock-downs.