Opposition calls for training institutions to be accessible for disabled persons

by December 6th, 2019

Opposition Senator Floyd Morris, has issued a call for the government to make training institutions more accessible to persons with disabilities, starting with HEART Trust NTA.


Speaking in the senate debate on the amendments to the HEART act, Senator Morris noted, that the new legislation should include special provisions for disabled persons.


He said the heart institution is the national training agency and should be responsible for training all persons.


Senator Morris said if the government is promoting an inclusive approach to education, then mechanisms must be put in place to accommodate the disabled community.


Noting that this week is being celebrated as disabilities awareness week, Senator Morris lamented that the government must send the signal that it is committed to inclusiveness for all citizens.


Despite the senator’s impassioned plea, there was a vote against the proposed amendment for a clause referring specifically to disabled persons to be added to the new legislation.