Opposition calls on gov’t to help drought-affected communities

by February 19th, 2020

Opposition Spokesperson for Water, Environment and Climate Change, Dr. Fenton Ferguson is calling on the Prime Minister to release resources urgently to help communities impacted by drought conditions.


Dr. Ferguson says parishes such as St. James, Hanover, Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth, Clarendon, St. Thomas, Portland and sections of St. Mary are hardest hit.


He notes that the drought has affected homes and agriculture alike.


In explaining that the situation is quickly developing into a crisis, Dr. Ferguson says, with this drought the cost of agricultural produce will increase. He states that the increase will affect the most vulnerable citizens. Without intervention, he warns that the situation will worsen.


During a drought mitigation press conference earlier this month, Director of the Meteorological Services branch in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Evan Thompson, warned that Jamaica might not have sufficient water to sustain it.


He says during Jamaica’s primary rainy season which started in October last year, the country experienced less than normal rainfall. This, he says, prevented the country from sufficiently preparing for the dry season.


Mr. Thompson had urged Jamaicans to conserve on water, both at the domestic and national levels.