Opposition Member of Parliament joins call for revival of National Neighbourhood Watch Movement

by August 9th, 2022

As crime and violence continue to plague the country, Member of Parliament for St. Catherine Southern, Fitz Jackson, has joined the call for the revival of the National Neighbourhood Watch Movement.


Speaking with IRIE FM news, Mr. Jackson said in the past, the Neighbourhood Watch Programme was effective in protecting communities, and eventually the country from some criminal activities.


However, he said this is no longer the case, as the programme has been discontinued.


Mr. Jackson explained that the security of the nation’s communities could be improved with the Neighbourhood Watch Movement.

He noted that the neighbourhood watch along with peace management initiatives could help to address crime and violence in communities such as Gregory Park, in St Catherine, which has seen a recent upsurge in crime.

Mr. Jackson also stressed the need for consistency to see long-term solutions to the country’s crime problem.


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