Opposition says SOE in Clarendon and St. Catherine underscores that Government has no solution to criminality

by September 5th, 2019

The Opposition says the declaration of a State of Emergency (SOE) in Clarendon and St. Catherine again underscores the fact that Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his Government have no solution to the wanton criminality that has taken hold of sections of the country.


Spokesman on National Security Fitz Jackson says the JCF murder statistics, especially in areas where the SOE is already in operation, show that this emergency response apparatus is not a crime-fighting mechanism.



He noted that in some of these areas, citizens are losing confidence in the effectiveness of the SOEs.


Mr. Jackson adds that Clarendon has been experiencing a high crime rate for a long time, and at this stage, it should be clear who the main crime producers are and a strategic plan to bring them to justice should have been in place.


Mr. Jackson states that the murder rate in both the Clarendon and St. Catherine police divisions has been very high since last year, yet no effective interventions were made by the Government.



He said there needs to be a proper and effective system of investigations and targeted approach to crime-fighting.