OUR recommends that gov’t negotiate for changes to Electricity Provision Licence, to “free-up” charging market

by June 10th, 2021

The Office of Utilities Regulation OUR, has recommended, that government negotiate with the holder of the exclusive licence for electricity provision to allow non-utilities participation in the charging market for electric vehicles.

The issue was discussed at a virtual webinar on ‘Creating a Regulatory Framework, for Electric Vehicles in Jamaica, yesterday (June 9).

OUR Electricity Generation Consultant Valentine Fagan noted that several issues relating to the emerging electric vehicle sector were deliberated on by a focus group.

These include: who can participate in the charging market, should charging be considered a supply, how can the utility recover its investment costs, and what pricing arrangement for third parties can be made.

The recommendation is aimed at freeing up the charging market.

He said if non utilities are allowed to participate, the OUR has set out guidelines for such entities.