Over 4,500 residents of South St. Elizabeth to benefit from water shop projects

by October 6th, 2019

More than 4,500 residents from drought stricken areas of South St. Elizabeth are to benefit from water shop projects which were commissioned into service recently.

Minister of Local Government and Community Development, Desmond Mckenzie officially opened a water shop project for the Retirement community, in the Malvern division, and another in the Top Hill community, in the Southfied division.

Mr. Mckenzie noted that the parish, while being very productive, has for several decades suffered from water shortages.

The minister noted that the water shops in St. Elizabeth bring to three the number of such facilities in the island.

He said a total of six water shops will be built in St. Elizabeth to augment the residents’ water supply.

The other four will be built in Myersville, Tryall, Pedro Plains and Brampton.

The Retirement water supply system was constructed at a cost of 9.7 million dollars, while the Top Hill facility was completed at a cost of 8.9 million dollars.

The minister urged residents of both communities to protect the facilities.

Meantime, Minister of Local Government, Desmond Mckenzie is cautioning municipal corporations across the island against using contaminated trucks to deliver water.

Speaking at the opening of a water shop in St. Elizabeth recently, Mckenzie noted that while he acknowledges that several areas are being severely impacted by drought conditions, the municipal corporations must maintain proper standards to safeguard the health of citizens.

Mr. Mckenzie said municipal corporations must fulfill their obligation to protect citizens.