Parents welcome the resumption of classes today

by March 7th, 2022

With schools resuming full face-to-face classes today, some parents and guardians have expressed relief that their children are back in the classroom.


Classes were suspended in March 2020, due to COVID-19, and a blended format taken on by schools months later.


Deslin Parker, who accompanied her grandson to the Kendal Primary school in Manchester this morning, said she is relieved that he has returned to school.


She said there were difficulties in using devices for virtual learning.



Another parent Sherica Allen noted, that while she is pleased with the resumption, she is also concerned that her daughter and other children might get infected with COVID-19 at schools.



Meantime, parents in Kingston are also embracing the full resumption of face-to-face classes.


Jackie Barnett, whose children attend primary and high schools noted, that she is already seeing a shift in her children’s attitude regarding their education.


She explained that remote learning had taken its toll.



One man, whose son attends Kingston College explained, that apart from the academic benefit, children should be able to socialize with peers. He said a holistic approach is important in the development of children.


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