Parliament approves amendments to Copyright Act

by June 10th, 2015

Parliament has approved changes to the Copyright Act for greater protection of intellectual property.

The Copyright Act was passed with two amendments.

Industry Minister Anthony Hylton who piloted the bill in the House of Representatives, told the house that the new bill will among other things cover exclusive right of distribution of intellectual property.

In making her contribution to the debate on the act, Opposition Member Olivia Grange despite calling for the act to be sent to a joint select committee of parliament to afford far reaching protection, agreed to a set of meetings to arrive at a consensus.

Ms. Grange says stakeholders wanted a minimum timeline for notification of the use of copyrighted material.

Miss Grange says the regulations that are to come shortly, will stipulate for the ten day minimum.

She noted that there needs to be an increase in the duration of protection for copyright material.