Parliament passes regulations for the selection and appointment of public bodies

by December 8th, 2021

The regulations for the selection and appointment of public boards were passed in Parliament last evening (December 7).


The regulations are aimed at bringing transparency to the public body board appointment process and will impact some 146 of the country’s public bodies.


In recent times, there have been repeated calls for the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Nomination, Selection and Appointment to Boards Regulations to be passed.


This followed concerns about the operations at some State Agencies and a number of scandals involving several entities.


The regulations, will among other things, require public boards to have a minimum of 30 per cent of each gender, limit the number of public boards one can chair or sit on to three and introduce a database of prospective directors.


Speaking in Parliament on the regulation, Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Dr. Nigel Clarke noted that the affirmation of the regulations represents a step forward for good governance.

The regulations will be reviewed by the Senate next week.

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