Parliamentarians condemn beating and subsequent death of Nashaun Brown

by July 20th, 2021

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has condemned the continued cultural practice of using corporal punishment as a form of discipline.


He was reacting to reports of the death of 4-year-old Nashaun Brown in St. Catherine.


The child was allegedly beaten by his step father with a stick.


Speaking in parliament today (July 20) Mr. Holness lamented that children continue to face emotional, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of adults, who have a responsibility to provide love, care, nurture and protection.



Mr. Holness said there is a better way to disciple children.



Meantime, Opposition Leader Mark Golding has also condemned the death of a young boy, after allegedly being beaten by his step father.


Speaking in parliament today, Mr. Golding said violence against women and children in the Jamaican society is too prevalent.





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