PM announces resumption of entertainment events, for summer, under strict Covid guidelines, among other Covid 19 measures

by June 22nd, 2021

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced, as promised, the resumption of entertainment events for summer, under strict Covid guidelines.

Mr. Holness has also warned that the government will closely monitor the impact of the resumption of entertainment, on the Covid numbers and if an increase is observed as a result, then the sector will be closed down again.

Speaking in Parliament today (June 22), Mr. Holness explained that 2 categories of events are being contemplated; small and large.

He stressed that the distinction between the 2, is not based on event type but on the number of persons attending.

As such, small events hold fewer than one hundred people, while large events hold over a hundred.

Organizers of small events should apply for permits from their respective local authorities.

While organizers of large events must seek permission from the ministry of entertainment, in addition to the permits from the local authorities.

Further, there is a distinction between indoor and outdoor events.

Outdoor events can host up to one hundred persons, but indoor events can only accommodate 60 percent of the allowed capacity.

The government also announced that as an incentive, venues approved by the entertainment ministry will be allowed for use rent free.

The municipal corporations have agreed to cut the cost for permits by 50 percent.

And the government has made further amendments to some of the Covid measures, some of which take effect as of Thursday June 24 and others as of July 1.

Speaking in parliament today, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said the new curfew time has been adjusted to 11 pm, Mondays to Saturdays, while on Sundays it will change to 6 pm.

Mr. Holness said fully vaccinated travellers can do a Covid PCR test, of which a negative result will cut quarantine time.

He added that as of Thursday, the number of persons in church will increase, based on capacity.

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