PM Holness calls on governments world wide to strengthen road safety efforts

by October 28th, 2021

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has called on governments world wide to bolster efforts in promoting road safety.

He was delivering the keynote address at this morning’s launch of the Global Plan, for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021 to 2030.

The prime minister noted, that road safety measures have to be strongly implemented.

If this is not done, Mr. Holness explained, that some 1.8 trillion dollars will be lost globally.


As a result, Mr Holness stressed, that governments must take a bold step in curbing the statistics.



Meanwhile , Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, Dr. Lucien Jones, said the launch is a historic one, in the campaign to reduce road fatalities.

Dr. Jones stated, that the public must ensure, that they are also bold in addressing road fatalities, as over 1 million persons die annually from road crashes, with over 50 million injured.



372 persons have been killed in 332 fatal crashes across the island, since the start of the year.

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