PM Holness Directs Entities Involved In Kingston Road Projects To Improve Communication To Public

by September 13th, 2018

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has given directives that relevant entities involved in the road projects in Kingston, improve communication to the public and implement measures to ease traffic congestion.


Over the past few days, motorists, commuters, and business operators have complained about the lack of organisation and monitoring by authorities, in relation to the rerouting of traffic in the corporate area, especially in Three Miles.


The gridlock resulted in lengthy delays, and frustration.


Yesterday, Mr. Holness met with the National Works Agency (NWA), the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), and China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), to discuss solutions to the traffic challenges.


During the meeting, Prime Minister Holness instructed that more must be done to inform the public of traffic changes, as well as a more efficient management of traffic and diversions.



The Prime Minister expressed concern for the displacement suffered by persons, and gave clear directives to CEO of the NWA, E.G. Hunter and Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson, to have the traffic situation resolved.



In that regard, the NWA has been instructed to give specific designated routes for the public, especially for the alternative route for the Three Miles, Hagley Park and Constant Spring, areas.


The Prime Minister also underscored the need for the NWA to move immediately to improve the signage along the designated routes, consequent on the closure of the Three Miles intersection.


He stated that the government was actively looking at some other alternatives regarding traffic flow around the Three Miles area, especially as it relates to operators of large trucks and articulated vehicles.


Mr. Holness said the police must ensure adequate security presence is maintained along the designated routes, in order to reduce the likelihood of further inconvenience to the travelling public.


The Prime Minister directed that communication by the police and the NWA regarding the works and the impact on the roads, be improved in order to allow members of the public to take the necessary action, when planning their routes.


This should result in daily peak hour briefings in the media.


Meantime, the NWA noted that with the support of the police, it will continue to make adjustments to the traffic flow to assist in reducing travel time.


The NWA said unforeseen incidents over the past few days contributed to significant build up in traffic, such as the fire on Ashenheim Road and a broken water main on Constant Spring Road.



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