PM Holness says Government to target youth who feel that scamming is the way out of poverty, through training

by May 24th, 2022

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness says the Government will be increasing its efforts with the HEART TRUST/NSTA to engage young people who might feel that the only way out of poverty is through scamming.


Mr. Holness notes that while many young people have acquired the necessary training to get professional jobs there are some who do not possess the training which qualifies them for work.


He acknowledges the need to reach persons within this group by diversifying the workforce and by creating opportunities for all persons in society.


This he explains will help to tackle the issue of scamming.

Mr. Holness reiterates the Government’s intention to resume the Housing, Opportunity, Production and Employment (HOPE) programme.


This will assist in getting young people back into the national service training programme to help adjust their attitudes, become trainable and then employable.


He adds that this could help to prevent the importation of workers.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness was speaking at an area council 1 meeting on the weekend.

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