PM urges staff of primary-level schools to get COVID-19 vaccine ahead of phased reopening, effective November 8

by October 27th, 2021

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has urged all staff of primary-level institutions to get the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of the start of the phased reopening, effective November 8.


This is against the background that since there is no vaccine available for children under 12-years-old, the best way for adults to protect themselves is to ensure that they are vaccinated.


Speaking in Parliament yesterday (October 26), Mr. Holness pointed out that many children could be infected with the coronavirus and are asymptotic.

Mr. Holness also urged the parents of the primary-level children to get the vaccine.

He noted that the selection of primary schools for reopening is based on several factors, including travel distance.

Of the 376 schools that are slated to reopen, 191 are small-sized, with less than 100 students enrolled, mostly located in rural communities.


Another 185 are medium-sized schools, which have less than 630 students enrolled.


The schools are to use a rotational approach, ensuring that students get some face-to-face engagement each week.


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