PNP President Dr Peter Phillips has colon cancer

by April 7th, 2020

People’s National Party (PNP) President and Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips has been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.


According to a statement from the PNP, health evaluations completed yesterday afternoon, resulted in the diagnosis.


The statement adds that Dr. Phillips underwent complete and successful surgical removal of the cancer on March 23 and is now recovering comfortably at home, however, the details of his surgery were not revealed as the doctors were conducting their evaluations.


Party officials say they fully understand and support the doctors’ position of not making a public statement before completing their testing and evaluation regime.


The PNP says Dr. Phillips will need further preventative treatment in the form of chemotherapy over the next few months, as an outpatient, as he continues his public duties.


The leader of the opposition will remain on leave for the next two weeks.


In a message today, Dr. Phillips explained his diagnosis and expressed thanks to his medical team and well-wishers.


He says the decision was taken to move swiftly with the surgery due to the current covid-19 crisis.



Dr. Phillips is also urging citizens to take the covid-19 situation seriously.



Meanwhile, the PNP is assuring  that during the next two weeks, while Dr. Phillips is on leave, regular party activities, permissible within the covid-19, will proceed apace and the party will continue to play its part in ensuring compliance with the national emergency.


Dr. Phillips will continue to provide direction and guidance to the party, and will increase his level of public duties on the advice of the medical team.


The party says it will provide another update on the leader’s condition, when warranted and is imploring all Jamaicans to support Dr. Phillips’ need for privacy to this time as he enters the next phase of recuperation.