POI in the murder of Trelawny business woman comes into police

by November 5th, 2018

The man named by the police as a person of interest in the murder of a Trelawny business woman is now in police custody.


According to Acting Commander of the Trelawny Division, Winston Milton, 25-year-old Levaughn Williams, otherwise called “Bulby” of Dutch Hill and Wakeland Drive, Trelawny, turned himself in this morning accompanied by a religious leader.


Reports from the police are that about 4:45 p.m last Friday 50 year old Jacqueline Cargill-Gardner, of Florence Hall was killed.  Cargill-Gardner who owns a car alignment and car wash business, was in her office, when she was pounced upon by three men, two of whom were armed with guns.


They shot her several times before being challenged by a licensed firearm holder. The gunmen escaped into a nearby swamp.


During a search of the area, two of the men were found with gunshot wounds.


One of them was found clutching a smith and Wesson 9mm pistol.


One of the gunmen was pronounced dead and the other admitted in hospital under police guard.