Police encourage use of Domestic Violence Intervention Centers

by January 13th, 2020

In light of recent incidents of domestic violence across the island, the police are reminding citizens of the Domestic Violence Intervention Centres that were established to deal with all cases of domestic dispute.

Noting that domestic violence can lead to major crimes, the Jamaica constabulary force, J-C-F says early intervention is necessary to save lives.

Persons undergoing, verbal, emotional, financial, sexual or physical abuse are being urged to seek help at the centres which offer professional counselling, referrals to appropriate agencies, follow-ups with clients and credible and reliable information.

Meantime, the Jamaica Council of Churches, J-C-C is urging men across the nation who are facing domestic issues beyond their capabilities to deal with, to seek help.

This is in light of two cases of domestic disputes which resulted in the deaths of two women, and one of the perpetrators committing suicide, yesterday (January 12).

The incidents occurred in St. Catherine, and St. Elizabeth.

President of the J-C-C, Reverend Newton Dixon, says family members and friends who see signs of domestic violence with a loved one, should intervene and offer to steer the individual to get help.

He says it is too late to express regret, when the damage is done and lives are lost.

Reverend Dixon adds that churches are available to offer counseling to men who need help with relational issues.

Reverend Dixon is inviting the public to support the J-C-C‘s initiative in taking a stand against violence against women in wearing black on Thursdays.

There have been other cases of domestic disputes reported recently, where at least two men have been arrested for killing their father in separate incidents in Manchester.