Police end investigations into allegations against Dr Dayton Campbell

by April 18th, 2021

The police say they have concluded investigations into allegations made against PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell.

In a statement, Sunday the police explain that after extensive investigations into the claims made by Karen Cross via social media against Dr. Campbell,  police have found no basis for the allegations made.

The Constabulary says although a formal statement was given by Ms. Cross, she provided no evidence to substantiate the claims, nor was she able to provide any person interested in making a complaint against Dr. Campbell.

According to the statement, neither Ms. Cross nor anyone else provided anything that could establish the allegations as credible. As such, the investigation into this matter has come to a natural end.

However, the police say if Ms. Cross or any other person wishes to provide credible information about this matter at a later date, they are willing to reopen investigations.

The Constabulary says it treats allegations involving the abuse of children with the greatest seriousness and is duty-bound to investigate them to ensure the safety and protection of the nation’s children.