Police officers to wait until next month for outcome of court case relating to 40 hour work-week and overtime claim

by November 25th, 2021

Some police officers will have to wait until next month for an outcome in the matter relating to the 40-hour-work-week and overtime claim.


This as the case has been put off until December 16 for pre-trial review.


Scores of placard bearing police officers dressed in black, gathered outside the Supreme Court earlier today (November 25) in protest over the lack of compensation.


The Police Federation which brought the case against the Ministry of National Security last year, argues that its members have been working for more than 40 hours each week, without compensation for overtime.


Chairman of the Federation Corporal Rohan James says this is not the first time the case against the Government has been pushed back, adding that he is disappointed.

Despite the delay, he is encouraging members to continue their duties.

He expresses appreciation to those who have been showing support to the police officers as they fight for a favourable wage agreement.


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