Police refute claim of involvement in killing of man in Mountain View

by October 30th, 2017

The police are refuting claims of involvement in an incident in which an area leader was shot and killed and four others shot and wounded on Mountain View Avenue in Kingston 3, today (Oct 30).

Dead is 38-year-old Valbert Harley otherwise called ‘Waldie’, of Garth Road, Kingston 11.

Reports are that about 12:30 p.m., Harley and his brother, who were jointly charged in a murder matter, were travelling from the Corporate Area Criminal Court in a Honda motorcar along with another man.

Police say they pulled over along the roadway to make a purchase from a vendor, when men travelling in a dark coloured motorcar drove up, alighted from the vehicle and opened gunfire hitting them and two others, including the vendor.

The police were summoned and the wounded men were taken to hospital where Harley was pronounced dead while the others are undergoing treatment.

Harley is said to be an area leader who operates out of Olympic Gardens, St. Andrew.

The police say he is described as the ‘don of all dons’ as he claimed to be in charge of the entire Kingston and St. Andrew.

Investigations continue.

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