Police say nightly curfew will be strictly enforced

by April 1st, 2020

The police say the provisions under the all-island nightly curfew will be strictly and fully enforced.


The curfew comes into effect at 8 this evening and runs until 6 tomorrow morning.


The nightly curfew will be in place until next Wednesday, April 8.


The police say, citizens, who are not exempted under the current provisions of the Disaster Risk Management Act, are required to remain within their premises during the hours of the curfew.


The Constabulary says they will prosecute non-compliant individuals who breach the provisions.


Additionally, persons who are exempted are to travel with valid forms of work identification should they be stopped by the police.


If stopped, persons are urged to cooperate with the verbal instructions of the police, which will include showing their work id and responding to questions to determine their need to be out during curfew hours.