Police theorise that killing of man in Ocho Rios was a contract hit

by August 6th, 2022

The St. Ann police have theorised that the killing of a man in Ocho Rios yesterday, was a contract hit, stemming from a family feud.


Dead is 33 year-old Marcus Murphy, otherwise called ‘John Tom’, a mechanic of Parry Town.


Investigators are reportedly following strong leads in the case.


The police are also making arrangements for counselling and other intervention, with relatives of the man.


This in a bid to prevent any possible reprisal attack.


Some of Murphy’s relatives are not taking his death well and its alleged that threats have been made.


Reports are that about 5:00p.m. Murphy was sitting at a restaurant on Chucks Plaza, having a bowl of soup, when a gunman approached and opened fire, hitting him in the head.


The gunman then fled the scene.


Police were alerted and Murphy was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.



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