Poll reveals more Jamaicans becoming concerned about Gov’t corruption

by August 12th, 2019

A Bill Johnson poll has revealed that more Jamaicans are becoming concerned about corruption in the government.

Releasing the findings of the poll commissioned by Dr. Peter Phillip’s One PNP campaign this morning, (August 12) Mr. Johnson noted that corruption has never been a more prominent issue in Jamaica.

He said when asked, what was the most pressing problem in the country, crime and violence and poverty were the predictable recurrent answers, however a surprising number of people said corruption.

Meantime, the pollster said the Jamaica Labour Party should be concerned that only 30 per cent of those polled, believe that the country is going in the right direction, while some 46 per cent believe the country is going in the wrong direction.

Mr. Johnson explained that past polls indicate that this number could be problematic for the JLP.