Poultry providers asked to explore further cost containment measures

by September 14th, 2021

Agriculture Minister Floyd Green has asked poultry providers to explore further cost containment measures and to re-examine substitutes for high priced grain.

The ministry met with key stakeholders including poultry producers and input providers over the last three weeks to explore strategies to mitigate price increases.

The meetings were spurred by the continued spike in worldwide fertilizer and grain prices.

The ministry points to the global economic slowdown due to covid-19, which has led to cuts in production and rising demand, resulting in sharp increases to input and shipping costs.

Mr Green, has asked poultry processors to ramp up the production of baby chicks to help meet the demands of the market.

The ministry has also had a series of meetings with Newport Fersan; the country’s only fertilizer manufacturer.

The minister expressed grave concern at the impact that the recent rise in fertilizer cost is having on the agriculture sector.

Coming out of the meetings, the company is aiming to bring three new fertilizer blends to the market, utilizing less expensive ingredients.

The ministry says discussions have extended to the food and agriculture organization from which technical assistance has been requested in exploring cost-effective local-based feed ingredients.

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