Prime Minister Andrew Holness concerned that no strike notice was given before NWC workers took industrial action

by May 11th, 2022

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he is concerned that no strike notice was given before National Water Commission, N-W-C, workers took industrial action.

Some two thousand workers have been off the job for two days, disrupting water supply across the country.

Mr. Holness says he has sought advice in relation to whether or not NWC employees are classified as essential workers.

He notes that Jamaica’s history has an antagonistic relationship between labour and employers.

However, he says the past does not have to define the future.

The Prime Minister points out that, Jamaica has made great progress in industrial relations in the last decade, by forming greater partnerships in the fiscal rescue of the country.

Mr. Holness who earlier appealed to the workers to end the strike, pointed to the progress being made in getting the economy back on track and urged persons not to jeopardize the gains made.

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