Prime Minister Andrew Holness meets with executives of the Education Ministry

by March 27th, 2019

Prime Minister Andrew Holness today (March 27) met with Executives of the Education Ministry to outline his intentions after the Office of the Prime Minister OPM, assumed temporary oversight of the ministry.

He says one of the roles of the Prime Minister is to ensure all concerns that may arise about a ministry are addressed.

Concerns were raised about the administration of the ministry and how it affects policy direction.

Ruel Reid was fired as Education Minister after allegations surfaced about corruption and cronyism involving the ministry and agencies under it.

The Prime Minister says it is important that the agency aligns with the governance stance of the government.

He says from a broad policy level, there were questions about the efficacy of the national education transformation and this provides an opportunity for re-mission

He says he will be meeting one on one with members of the executive team over the coming months to hear from them and assert the policy direction of the government