Prime Minister warns schools against charging exorbitant fees

by August 14th, 2019

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has put government-owned primary schools on notice to desist from charging fees, which he describes as prohibitory.


The Prime Minister says he is aware that there is a growing culture of primary schools charging fees that discourage registration and threaten universal access to primary education.


He notes that these fees are not being characterized as tuition, rather as auxiliary, registration or other names.



The Prime Minister says the introduction of these fees could have negative impacts on the enrolment of students.


He notes that at the primary level, the criteria for enrolment should never be that the parent can afford it, but the child’s proximity to the school.



And the Prime Minister has warned high schools against charging exorbitant registration fees.


Speaking at the awards ceremony for Primary Exit Profile (PEP) students of OPM employees, today (August 14), the Prime Minister noted that the government has significantly increased its support for the nation’s schools.



He said the government’s policies are geared towards ensuring equal opportunity to secondary education and encouraged schools to not allow fees to stand in the way of access to education.