Raymond Pryce to offer himself for the PNP General Secretary post

by November 20th, 2020

Former Deputy General Secretary of the People’s National Party, PNP Raymond Pryce says he will offer himself for the post of General Secretary, at the next meeting of the NEC scheduled for Sunday, November 29.

He says this follows requests of members of the party, including officers, executive members, other National Executive Council members, and scores of delegates and supporters.,

In a statement this morning (November 20), Mr. Pryce said that he is best positioned to effectively support the new party leader and the wider organisation to re-kindle the synergy and enthusiasm among critical civil society groupings.

He said the fortunes of the PNP are rooted in its ability to re-ignite the meaningful coalition of progressive forces that helped to modernise Jamaica.

The former Deputy General Secretary said he would bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the post, having served the party at several levels including Member of Parliament for St. Elizabeth Northeast.

Mr. Pryce said the unity of the party is the most critical challenge facing the new party leader and leadership. Therefore, the occupant of the seat of General Secretary would be pivotal in steering the organisation’s rebuilding efforts

Meantime, the PNP, has organized a unity team that will begin meeting today (November 20) to address the healing and unification of the party.

Newly elected PNP President, Mark Golding, says the party has been suffering from negative internal feelings for some time, and that this culture needs to be changed for the party to regain its strength.

Speaking to PNP Councillors in East St. Catherine last night (November 19), Mr. Golding noted that the party needs to heal and that this process will be done with the help of professionals.

He added that members of the unity team were selected by both himself and Lisa Hanna, who had challenged him for the presidency.

Mr. Golding stressed that the process will take time, as feelings of hurt and animosity are strong among some party members.

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