“Rebuild and stop kill” – Chris Martin speaks on violence against women

by January 14th, 2020

Following the recent violent attacks against women, more entertainers are lending their voices to break the cycle of violence against women.

Chris Martin who in 2017 released a song titled Stop Violence Against Women, this time used his social media platform to send a strong message to men who are abusing and killing women. “Life goes on bredda, rebuild and stop kill,” the singer wrote in part on Instagram. He also used the platform to declare that as long as breath is in his body, his message will always be, Stop The Violence Against Women.

Romain Virgo, Sanchez, and social media comedian Majah Hype among others have endorsed Chris Martin’s Instagram message.

The outrage came after two women were brutally murdered by their partners within 24-hours in separate incidents.

Violence against women is a human rights violation, social justice, and public health problem that touches every level of society in every part of the world.