Record 68.6% positivity rate reported, 1,262 cases

by January 14th, 2022

The country’s Covid-19 positivity rate continues to increase, reaching another record on Thursday.

The positivity rate was 68.6 %, after some 1,262 persons tested positive.

The cases comprise 781 females, and 481 males, aged 20 days to 97 years.

The overall case count now stands at 108, 983.

Kingston and St Andrew had the highest number of cases with 446, followed by St Catherine with 277, and St James with 172.

There are 12, 587 active cases.

Meantime, three deaths were recorded yesterday, pushing the death tally to 2,517.

The deceased are three men. Two from St Catherine aged 46 and 54 and a 79 year old from St Elizabeth.

392 patients are hospitalized. 9 are critically ill, 37 are severely ill and 85 are moderately ill.

96 more persons have recovered.

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