Remembering Hurricane Gilbert

by September 12th, 2019

Today (September 12), marks 31 years since Gilbert ravaged the country, making history, as the most dangerous hurricane to have ever hit Jamaica.


Hurricane Gilbert passed Jamaican waters on September 12, 1988, but the devastation it left in its wake will never be forgotten.


Maxine Brown from Hermitage, in Kingston, remembers how she had to get her young child to safety during the hurricane.



For some, Hurricane Gilbert was not what they expected and many, like Garth Riley from Harbour View said they joked about the hurricane before it impacted Jamaica.



He added that remembering, even the days after the hurricane, is enough to bring him to a state of humility.



Gilbert left at least 40 people dead and for many Jamaicans, this hurricane remains a sore memory.


Many have used the experience to heed the warnings of the Meteorological Service to prepare for hurricanes.

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