Report on Cornwall Regional Hospital to be submitted to Cabinet in two weeks

by January 15th, 2021

Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton said a full report and recommendation on the way forward, for the ongoing rehabilitation of the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James, will be submitted

to Cabinet within the next two weeks.


This follows repeated concern by the Opposition, over the length of time the rehabilitation has taken. The Opposition had appealed to the Government to use the authority of the Cabinet to get

the rehabilitation works completed swiftly.


The 440-bed, Type-A medical facility, is the only one of its kind on the island, but it has been undergoing rehabilitation since 2017.


Several deadlines for completion have been missed, resulting in cost overruns.


While on a tour to observe the progress of the works at the hospital, today, Dr. Tufton said the approach to the rehabilitation of the hospital, requires rethinking to improve the process.



He added that the Government has so far spent more than 3.5 billion dollars on the rehabilitation of the hospital.


Dr. Tufton noted that Jamaica does not have the technical expertise in building out a hospital.