Residents accept compensation offer from Jisco/ Alpart

by February 10th, 2020

Residents of communities affected by the dust nuisance from the Jisco/ Alpart mud lake in St. Elizabeth have accepted a second compensation offer made by the company, following a protest this morning.


Over one hundred angry residents blocked the entrance to the bauxite plant, calling on the company to do something about the mud lake, and pay compensation, as well as for the government to intervene.



Earlier today the residents rejected the initial one-off payment of $7,500 to each affected household.


The residents said this was inadequate, pointing to at least 20 blowout incidents since December last year, for which they demanded proper compensation.


Councillor of the Myersville division in St. Elizabeth, Layton Smith said another meeting was held with Jisco management, and the company offered to pay affected households for 4 incidents, on Friday.



Smith said the company has agreed to further talks next week to negotiate payments for the other reported blow out incidents.



Meantime, Member of Parliament for St. Elizabeth South East Franklin Witter expressed satisfaction with the outcome of today’s meeting with the Jisco representatives and the compensation offer.


He added that with regards to farmers who suffered damage to crops, Jisco has pledged to send out a team to investigate the issue.