Restorative justice programme to be implemented in schools

by February 9th, 2020

Justice Minister Delroy Chuck said restorative justice practices will be implemented in schools shortly.


Mr. Chuck said it’s expected that beginning this year and over the next few years, the ministry will have implemented restorative justice in every school islandwide.


He said that in 2019, just over 600 teachers were trained as facilitators, and the process will continue this year.


Chuck said the ministry has been working with a number of partners to train at least three teachers in all schools.


It’s also intended to train several thousand facilitators, so that they will be able to influence others in their communities.


The aim is to sensitise all about restorative justice, to emphasise the need for teachers, students, and parents to use restorative justice to solve disputes.



He was speaking at a restorative justice youth public awareness forum at the Pembroke Hall primary school in Kingston.